Staff Members

Sales Representatives

Zack Baxter

Sales Representative

(609) 647-1768

New Jersey, NY (south of I-84), Long Island

Tim Zimmerman

Sales Representative

(585) 317-5959

NY (west of Rt 30)

Sherry Stanton

Sales Representative

(860) 798-6665

Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, D.C.

Christian Williams

Sales Representative

(860) 878-9711

CT, Western MA, VT, Western NH, NY (east of Rt 30)

Bill Thompson

Sales Representative

(860) 966-7283

Maine, Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Eastern NH

Mark Poleo

Sales Representative

(734) 395-5197


Mike Bovio

Sales Representative

(248) 410-5062


Customer Service

Carrie Stackhouse

Customer Service – Trucking / Logistics Coordinator


Alex Salvi

General Manager

Elizabeth Nevadomski

Head Grower Perennials and Propagation, New Plant and Program Coordinator

Nick Dimartinis

Head Grower Woody Ornamentals and Roses, Main Farm Production Manager

Carlos Lopez

Grower, Orchard Farm Production Manager

Rhea Bolar

Propagation Manager

Rebecca Kluempen

IPM Manager

Lester Carrajat

Maintenance Manager

Cesar Paz

Loading Dock Manager


Alyssa Nevadomski

Supervisor, Loading Dock

Gilberto Diaz

Production Supervisor, Perennials

Mario Zamorano

Production Supervisor, Woody Ornamentals

Sue Jerrett

Inventory and Quality Control

Support Staff

Bianca McGriff

Data Processing

Hubert Soto

HR, Payroll Assistant

Connie Belfiore

Reception., Administrative Support