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Medford Nursery has been a proud member of the Robert Baker Family of companies since 1980.  We are a wholesale grower operating on over 400 acres in central New Jersey.  Medford Nursery services the finest independent garden centers and re-wholesalers in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and upper Midwest markets.

We offer a wide selection of  perennials that feature the newest and most exciting varieties available on the market.  We have been recognized for over 40 years as one of the highest quality growers in the country of container grown flowering and evergreen shrubs. Lasty, we are one of the few wholesale growers that offer a full-line of container grown roses, including rose trees, miniatures, shrub roses, hybrid teas, grandifloras, and floribundas.

Most of all, we are known for the highest level of customer service you will find in the industry.  We have an on the road salesperson in all of our shipping regions that will respond quickly to your needs.  Our Inside Sales and Customer Service team is second to none.   We pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our long-standing customers.  Get in touch today for more information.  Our team is eagerly awaiting your call.

Leonardo da Vinci® - NEW

Peach Swirl™ - New

Sunshine Daydream - New