Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Methley’

Japanese clingstone red-purple fruit with red and juicy flesh. Mild, sweet taste. Heavy bearer, known for ease of growth. Ripens late May- early July.

Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Satsuma’

Japanese variety. Large, dark red, juicy plum with sweet red flesh. Great to eat fresh off of the tree or in preserves. Harvest in August.

Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Stanley Prune’

This classic purple plum has yellow green flesh. Blooms later making it less susceptible to late frost damage. Fruit is tender with high sugar content making it perfect for eating fresh, drying and baking.

Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Burbank’

A hardy tree that is easy to grow and produces a large crop for fresh eating, fruit tarts, jams and jellies. Ripens in mid July.

Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Hollywood’

The fruit is sweet and flavorful eat it right off the tree, The Hollywood plum is colorful and juicy perfect for cooking, baking, and preserving. The dark red flesh looks gorgeous when sliced in a tart.

Plum Semi-Dwarf ‘Italian Prune’

Famously reliable and heavy fruiting, this plum is large purple and freestone with yellow- green flesh. Great for drying, canning due to their sweet firm flesh.

Plum Combo 4 in 1

Enjoy picking 4 different varieties of plum off of the same tree. An orchard in a tree and won’t take up a lot of space in your yard!

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Keiffer’

Large hard pears that are great for cooking or for winter storage. They are greenish yellow with a red blush and are coarse crisp and juicy.

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Red Bartlett’

Red Bartlett is an improvement on an old favorite with a bright red color and higher sugar content, Great for eating fresh, canning. Beautiful on the desert plate with its red skin.

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Red D’Anjou’

The very best red pear. Faintly russeted with sweet, spicy white flesh. Firm but tender with a buttery texture that includes a lot of juice.

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Tsu Li’

An ancient cultivar. As the fruit ripens its skin changes from green to yellow with brown speckles. Crisp flesh, juicy and sweet with a hint of tartness and a distinct aroma.

Peach Dwarf ‘Reliance’

The cold hardiest variety on the market. The freestone fruit is sweet and mild with a firm texture. Produces 15-30 lbs. of fruit a year.

Peach Semi-Dwarf ‘Frost Peach’

Large, juicy, red and yellow blush. Best cold-weather peach! Fragrant pink flowers bloom later than most peach varieties. Summer – fall harvest.

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Bartlett’

Originating in Europe and showing up in America in the 1790’s. The worlds most popular pear has the classic pear shape. The fruit is good for fresh eating, canning and cooking.

Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Bosc’

Unique for their color. Russeting over the skin. Firm, dense flesh that is juicy and honey-sweet. Harvest starting late Sept.

Cherry Semi-Dwarf ‘Stella'(sweet)

Abundant heart shape fruit: a healthy go to snack its also suitable for canning, freezing, and drying to enjoy later. Resists cracking and moderately disease resistant.

Cherry Semi-Dwarf ‘Sweetheart’ (sweet)

Bright Red fruits are packed with flavor bite into one and you’ll be overwhelmed with immense sweetness . These cherries are perfect as a snack or added to any dish.

Peach Dwarf ‘Redhaven’

Top quality fruit is great as a snack or for freezing and canning. Large peaches are freestone with almost fuzz less skin and creamy yellow flesh.

Cherry Semi-Dwarf ‘Montmorency'(sour)

These large bright red cherries are the most popular in the USA. They produce buckets of juicy fruit with a uniquely tart flavor. Perfect for your favorite recipes.

Asian Pear Semi-Dwarf ‘Hosui’

Large, golden, juicy and round, like an apple. Considered the “best tasting pear”. The flesh has a crispy texture. Harvest mid-Aug.

Cherry Combo 4 in 1

Enjoy picking 4 different varieties of cherries off of the same tree. An orchard in a tree and won’t take up a lot of space in your yard!

Cherry Semi-Dwarf ‘Bing'(sweet)

Uniform crops of huge glossy ,deep red almost black cherries. Fruit is juicy and sweet perfect for eating off the tree. Ripens in July.

Apricot Semi-Dwarf ‘Moorpark’

One of the best apricots .Pleasant apricot flavor with plenty of juice. Great for fresh eating, canning, and drying. Self pollinating.

Apricot Semi-Dwarf ‘Puget Gold’

Blooms later than most apricots protecting flowers from damaging frost. The bright orange fruit is large with firm flesh and a spicy sweet flavor. Self pollinating.

Apricot Semi-Dwarf ‘Tilton’

A longtime favorite this small to medium sized tree. Fruit is firm an aromatic, with a good sweet flavor. Perfect for eating, baking, canning or drying. Self pollinating.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Summer Rambo’

Large, greenish yellow, red striped apple from France. Crisp and juicy, perfect for sauce. Early season variety. Ripens late July-early Aug.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Summerred’

Early season with a crisp texture and a sweet, bright, tart flavor. Perfect for eating and baking. Shows resistance to Apple scab.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Wealthy’

A self pollinator this apple will have loads of Red blushed Green and Yellow fruit that is crisp and juicy with a tart and sweet flavor and notes of honey raspberry and strawberry.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Winesap’

Medium dark red. Crisp and exceptionally juicy. Perfect for cider. Stores well. Soft pink blossoms. Harvest mid-late Oct.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Red Fuji’

This crisp and juicy and aromatic apple stores well, up to 12 months when refrigerated .It is quickly replacing Red Delicious in orchards

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘McIntosh’

Fruit is vibrant red and peels easily the tender flesh has a sweet tart taste. Wonderful for fresh eating, sauces and cider.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Melrose’

Large, yellowish-green skin streaked dark red. Firm flesh, coarse, sweet and juicy. Good for baking. Ripens mid-late Oct.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Pink Lady’

Vivid green covered in a pinkish red blush. Tart, juicy and crisp with a ‘fizz-like’ burst of flavor. Pick Oct – Early Nov.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Gravenstein’

Can be eaten fresh its also an outstanding dessert apple. Holds its shape when baked and makes excellent sauces. Antique variety originates from Denmark. Pollinator required.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Honeycrisp’

One of the most popular apples in the world. Well balanced between sweet and tart combined with a crisp texture make this an excellent eating apple.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Jonagold’

Large, greenish yellow with rosy blush. Crisp, juicy, sweet-sour taste. Great for baking or cooking, sauces , preserves , and jam .Sept – Oct picking

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Macoun’

A cross between McIntosh and Jersey Black. These medium sized fruits have a creamy white flesh that is extra sweet with a rich and mild taste with hints of berry.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Empire’

The flavor of Mcintosh with the sweetness of Delicious .Very productive the tree is resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust. Pollinator required.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Gala’

Crisp and snappy. Fruit is sweet/tart making it a great fresh eating apple it also cooks and stores well. Pollinator required.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Granny Smith’

Green fruit that can be eaten out of hand or cooked . The rich and tangy flavor and firm flesh are suitable for pies, tarts, applesauce and other dishes. Pollinator required.

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Cortland’

Bright red with dark red streaks and sometimes a green blush. The white flesh is juicy sweet and tart. They are a cross between Mcintosh and Ben David. Pollinator required

Apple Combo 4 in 1

Enjoy picking 4 different varieties of apples off of the same tree. An orchard in a tree and won’t take up a lot of space in your yard!

Apple Semi-Dwarf ‘Arkansas Black’

Deep crimson almost black fruit. Firm and crisp apples are perfect for baking and apple butter . Flavor improves after cold storage for 30days and can be stored for up to 8 months. Some resistance to scab and fire blight; very resistant to rust. Pollinator required