Shaggy Wood Fern

This vase shaped fern is a semi evergreen to deciduous protect from strong wind to prevent damage to fronds. Where deciduous old fronds should be cut off in late winter prior to new growth emerging.

Braun’s Holly Fern

A dense erect arching clump to 2-3′ tall of leathery bipinnate dark green fronds . Fronds narrow at tip and base.

Western Sword Fern

The lush swordlike foliage is best grown in organically rich moist soils. Will grow in full sun if watered regularly .

Regal Red Japanse Painted Fern

Silver leaves with red stems in each leaflet. Forms a small mound that is good for edging a woodland walkway , in shady borders, and containers.

Jurassic Gold Wood Fern

This colorful fern adds color to the spring garden. New fronds emerge bright golden orange. Fine choice for shade gardens.

Sensitive Fern

Native, spreading deciduous fern with large, broad, deeply divided leaflets on the taller fronds creating an almost tropical appearance. Goes dormant during summer droughts and at the first signs of frost. Effective in shady woodland areas.

Cinnamon Fern

A regal, upright, vase-shaped fern with lustrous green fronds. Showy, spore-bearing, stiff, fertile fronds appear in early spring and turn quickly bright cinnamon-brown, hence its common name.

Royal Fern

A distinctive native fern with a graceful, aristocratic, upright form and leathery, light green leaves. Will grow to 6′ tall provided adequate moisture. Ideal for adding a lush, tropical feel to shady gardens or woodland areas.

Christmas Fern

Dark green fronds are leathery and lance-shaped and divided with holly-like leaflets. Typically grows in a fountain-like clump. Young fiddleheads in spring are silvery-white.

Japanese Beech Fern

Tidy, mound-shaped deciduous fern forms slowly spreading clumps of upright, dark green fronds that are tapered on both ends. Ideally suited for moist, shady borders, mass plantings. woodland gardens, or containers.

Brilliance Autumn Fern

Handsome fern with coppery red new foliage that matures to dark green. Adds bright color to moist shady spots. Great in beds, borders or containers.

Leather Wood Fern

Easy to grow, evergreen, native wood fern that forms a single clump of leathery green fronds. Ideally suited for shady borders or woodland gardens. Thrives in moist, shady conditions. Non-invasive.

Ostrich Fern

Ostrich ferns feature erect divided and lance-shaped fronds that arch gracefully outwards into a symmetric clump. They are dramatic for foliage backdrops, foundation and boundary plantings, naturalizing and fresh arrangements.

Japanese Painted Fern

A great hardy fern that is easy to grow and provides show-stopping textures and colors. Compact clumps of fronds with dark green color overlaid with silvery-pewter patterns. Held aloft by strong stems of rich burgundy. Deciduous.

Godzilla Japanese Painted Fern

This monster-sized painted fern forms a massive clump of arching silver and green fronds on dark purple stems. Excellent for adding color contrast to woodland gardens or brightening shady gardens. Useful in patio containers.

Pearly White japanese Painted Fern

Japanese painted fern with long green fronds highlighted with white in the center. Thrives in shade. Elegant groundcover spreading by rhizomes.

Japanese Holly Fern

Hardy semi-evergreen fern that form a handsome mound of upright, arching, dark green fronds. Ideal for growing under large shrubs or trees. Effective in shady areas or woodland gardens. Evergreen in mild climates.

Hay-Scented Fern

Deciduous fern with finely divided, lance-shaped fronds, rising from creeping rhizomes. Vigorously spreads to create an attractive ground cover with graceful, curving fronds. Crushed fronds have the scent of freshly cut hay.

Lady Fern

Native perennial fern has deciduous leaves in loose tufts. Light green or straw-colored petioles become dark toward the base. Each leaf blade is bipinnate with 8 or more pairs of leaflets that offer full texture and substance all season long.

Ghost Fern

This deciduous fern has upright silvery foliage. Adds soft color to moist shady spots. Great in beds, borders or containers.